JJS-IJ Jewellers Choice Design Awards 2020

Virtual Jury Meet : December 10th, 2020 | Virtual Awards Evening : December 27th, 2020

India is the seat of beautiful jewellery craftsmanship and for thousands of years we have inspired the world with our designs that are enriched in history and culture. This initiative is an ode to the collective design ethos of this land of veritable art forms and a platform for the ‘best of the best’ to showcase their design potential, a chance for them to let the world know their creative process, from a spark to the finished piece.

This is a land of fine craftsmanship and design that is steeped in history that goes back thousands of years in time. Jewellery in India is not a mere product, it is a cultural emblem, an icon that represents hope, happiness, success, prosperity and wealth. Over the last 9 years, we have embarked on a beautiful journey of commemorating jewellery pieces that are exquisite in workmanship. To honour their hard work, attention to detail and precision, we have created a platform where India’s top jewellery designs can be acknowledged and praised by one and all.

Be a Part of our Anniversary Edition!

Here is an invitation to be a part of a Jewellery Design competition that has carved a name for itself, its legacy and reputation stands the test of time. Here is a chance to be a part of an initiative that celebrates the best jewellery craftsmanship and design. You could be a budding jewellery designer, an established manufacturer or a well-known retailer – all we need is a stunning design that speaks to us through its enduring design value.

Click here to view the 2019 finalists.

Where Creativity Converges..

To be able to create is a gift, that too crafting jewellery with the finest of gemstones and precious items is a blessing. With this initiative, we seek to bring to the forefront the design potential and talent of the jewellery industry that is otherwise unheard of or unseen.

Presenting 110 spectacular designs from 2019 that have been nominated in 21 categories

Contending the Unrivaled of the Jewellery Industry

Contests,inducements and awards are critical in determining and fostering the stars of the future, whilst bursaries help the most gifted people flourish. JJS-IJ Jewellers’ Choice Design Awards 2020 will witness the highest talent in the industry battle it out with extraordinary pieces of jewellery, the most sophisticated form of art and luxury. So we will soon honour the breathtaking creations that challenge the conformist standards. This is your chance to contend with the best, enjoy the fame and arise triumphant as jewellery retailers across the country vote for your designs.

2020 Highlights !

We are trying to make this competition challenging and interesting so that you can enjoy the entire process. 

  • New Categories (Minimalist Jewellery and Pantone Jewellery: Classic Blue (Colour of the Year 2020)
  • Bollywood celebrities gracing the event

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