Product Categories

The Product Categories are only for Jewellery Manufacturers to participate, where in they need to submit the pictures of finished product to compete with the top designs submitted by the varied Jewellery Manufacturers & Designers.
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  • Concept: We would like to comprehend the motivation and origin of the design, the concept that describes the method and shapes the tale of the formation.
  • Value: Singularity/Originality/Desire The design thought should be groundbreaking enough to set a new trend in the trade. We are on a scout for designs that can be called as the “page-turners” of the industry as well as provide a new horizon of growth for the industry. Your design should have the power to grasp the consumers’ attention in first look.
  • Commerciality: The design should have a robust commercial appeal. The design will also be assessed for its economic attractiveness and eventual worth to the consumer measured on the foundation of real price v/s supposed price.
Product Categories
Click here to read the Official Rules to be complied with for participating in the IJ Design Awards 2023. Kindly read through carefully before proceeding.