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If you are a jewellery retailer located anywhere in India, you can vote for jewellery designs submitted by jewellery manufacturers who are participating in the IJ Design Awards. In 3 simple steps, you can vote for your favorite entries in various categories. Please note that you can vote only once, so select your choices carefully.

Please Click here to view the List of Participants.

1 Read Voting Instructions
2 Enter Details
3 Cast Your Votes & Submit


  • - Only jewellery retailers are allowed to vote.
  • - One individual can vote only once. Your identity will be verified through your email address and mobile number
  • - Duplicate votes will be disqualified and defaulting voters will be barred from the voting process


Step 1:

(a)Enter your details in the simple from. Your details will be used only to verify your identity for the purpose of voting and will never be shared with a third party.

(b) Once you have entered your details, click the Next button to proceed to Step Three.

(c) A Verification Code will be sent you on your mobile number. Enter the code to proceed to Vote. Also a password will be mailed to you at the email address entered by you. You will need to enter this email address and password to login to you account when you return.

Step 2:

(a) The list of award categories is displayed on the left. The first category and corresponding price range are selected by default. The entries submitted in this category and price range are displayed in the center.

(b) You can choose to vote in this category or click on another category

(c) When you point to an entry, the Entry Details button will be displayed. Click this button to enlarge the image and view more details about the entry

(d) To vote for an entry, first select the image by clicking on the radio button and then Submit. For multiple votes you can click Next to browse through various categories and price ranges, make your selection and Submit.

(e) Then, click the Next button to proceed to the next price range/category, or select another price range/category from the list on the left, and repeat step (d). You can also click the Previous button to go back to the previous price range/category to change your vote

(f) It is not mandatory to vote for all price ranges/categories. Once you have finished voting, click the submit button to submit your votes. Once you submit your votes, you will not be able to change your votes. However, you can come back at any time to vote for categories/price ranges that you skipped the last time.